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Kem Sprawls

July 21, 2017

Jon's Fine Jewelry has been creating, resizing and fixing my jewelry for over 10 years! He and his staff are wonderful folks and come up with solutions that I would never have thought of doing. His work is amazing and beautiful! Highly recommend him.

Billy Rhodes

May 14, 2017

The name says it all. Well, almost. This is a full service Jewelry shop, with a very talented jeweler/owner. This is the place to go for great gifts, engagement/wedding rings and repairs. They sell quality jewelry at fair prices and do exceptional repair work, also at fair prices. It is our go to shop and has been for many years. Anne Huddleston usually helps us with our choices.

Carolyn Parise

March 29, 2017

I wanted a new wedding ring but didn't know what I wanted in regards to style. Jon's Fine Jewelry, specifically Roxanne, worked with me for hours to narrow down what I wanted. I picked the ring and then later came back to pick a diamond solitaire. I came away with a beautiful ring I will treasure for years and years. Roxanne was so helpful and patient. She explained all the characteristics to look for in a ring and in diamond quality. I will definitely go back there in the future.

Marcus Williams

May 31, 2017

Best service! Awesome designer! Was courteous and honest about pricing. Got two rings handmade that will become family heirlooms. Love them both, they did an excellent job for us!

Nick Geinosky

May 6, 2017

Jon's Fine Jewelry is definitely one of the best jewelers on the Space Coast. Customer's always come first and they will do their best to work with any budget. Their monthly "Time of Charity" fundraisers show they care for our community's most needy as well. Thank you to Jon and his entire staff!