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Find Your “Yes”

Choosing an engagement ring is a big decision - it is a visual representation and constant reminder that you love your partner enough to dedicate the rest of your life to them. While it's important they say yes to a life with you, it's also important they say yes to the ring. Finding the perfect diamond engagement ring is easier with a knowledgeable staff and a vast selection of ring styles to ensure all your qualifications are met. Visit a local jeweler who can offer you personalized service to walk away with the best ring so that when you pop the question, both you and the ring get a resounding “Yes!”

Give a Halo to Your Angel

One of the most popular settings for diamond engagement rings is a halo setting, featuring a larger center diamond surrounded by a series of smaller diamonds. Halo settings are not only beautiful, but they can also be an economical choice if you desire a larger ring but have a specific budget to stay under. Halo engagement rings most commonly incorporate round, cushion, pear, or oval cut diamonds, giving you a wide range of options. While you may find halo settings in any metal, you are most likely to find them in white gold, as the silvery sheen of white gold blends with the diamonds better and gives the illusion of one larger diamond.

”Till Death Do Us Part”

Your diamond engagement ring is the first symbolic gesture of the vows you will soon make when you promise to stay with your loved one forever, and like your promise, the diamond you propose with will last with your love. Diamonds are the ideal choice for a forever promise; they are the hardest, strongest, and most permanent material known to man. While this makes them a practical gemstone for any piece of jewelry, it makes them notably worthwhile to invest in for an engagement ring. Inevitably prone to bumps and scratches due to their location, a diamond won't show wear and tear like other colored gemstones.

A Diamond Is Forever

Diamonds are both a practical choice and a symbolic one. The first advertisement campaign selling diamond engagement rings dates to 1947, marketing a the sentiment of a lifelong union with the slogan “A diamond is forever.” It may only have been a clever advertising strategy at the time, but they got the message across: as the toughest material on earth, diamonds truly are symbolic of a lasting relationship that can weather any circumstances at any time. Not only strong, diamonds are also reflective and prismatic, catching the light and sparkling delightfully. The only thing diamonds don't have in common with your loved one is that they can be bought - the love you share is priceless.

Shop for Diamond Engagement Rings

Finding the perfect engagement ring to help you propose to your perfect person can be challenging, but at Jon's Fine Jewelry we have years of expertise and experience helping you choose the best ring for your spouse-to-be. Visit us in the Melbourne area to shop our vast and unique selection of gemstone and diamond engagement rings!