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Father's Day | Rockledge, FL | Jon's Fine Jewelry

Custom Engraving for Unique Fathers

Did you know custom engraving is for more than just fine jewelry? If Dad's not big into wearing monogrammed cufflinks or dog-tag necklaces, consider getting him a swanky silver picture frame for his office engraved with the names of his children. The things you can engrave are as limited as your imagination! Consider what Dad will use often — is he a businessman who's always giving out business cards? A stainless steel engraved business card holder is perfect for him. Always on the road? Why not a special keychain with a message he'll see every time he gets in his car!

Jewelry is for Men!

"Jewelry" isn't always associated with "father," but at Jon's Fine Jewelry in the Rockledge area, we're here to change that. Getting Dad a new piece of jewelry doesn't have to be a replacement wedding ring for the one he lost years ago. Men are starting to wear chain bracelets and necklaces with much more regularity than previous generations. Add a bit of pizazz to his boring office attire with a special pair of cufflinks or a gemstone pin for his lapel. Take Dad shopping with you to help him find his personal aesthetic when it comes to fine jewelry, and watch him love it so much he wears it every day!

Don't Forget Grandpa!

Once your son has a child, Father's Day falls by the wayside for the older generation, and let's face it, Grandparent's Day (the Sunday after Labor Day) doesn't attract a whole lot of attention. Celebrating several generations of fathers on Father's Day will make all of the fathers in your family feel special, celebrated, and remembered. Gift Grandpa something he can pass down as an heirloom, whether it's an engraved money clip, a gold tie bar for his granddaughter's wedding next month, or a ring with the family crest. Honor him in a special way with a momento as fine as him!

For Coach Dad

Getting Dad what he "needs" can be tough — so this year, go above and beyond and get him something he doesn't know he needs! Are the kids starting sports soon and need Dad to time how fast they can run a quarter-mile or swim a hundred yards? Watches with built-in precision stopwatches will become his best friend through all those sporting years and bring back memories of his own. He can be the "cool dad" and coach the team to victory without holding a nerdy plastic orange stopwatch! Investing in a watch with built-in stopwatch from your local fine jewelry store will ensure Dad can keep cheering on the kids year after year.

Father's Day Gifts at Jon's Fine Jewelry

Whether your dad is classy and professional or prefers gym shorts and baseball caps, Jon's Fine Jewelry has something perfect for every dad this Father's Day. Shop our Rockledge location to find a memorable, timeless present to commemorate this year, whether it's his first Father's Day or his fiftieth!