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For Everything They've Accomplished

Graduation is a time to celebrate the end of something beautiful and with that, a new beginning. Your graduates have worked hard to get where they are today; they should be commended for making it through this part of their schooling career, whether they're finishing kindergarten, high school, or higher education. Fine jewelry is one of the best gifts you can give a graduate. Jewelry given at a meaningful moment becomes a priceless gift for the recipient, reminding them of their journey thus far and a bright future to come. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more are perfect gifts for special graduates.

Degrees of Style

Congratulate your graduate with the latest stylish accessory to carry them through the next years of their life and look great doing it. Fashion and gemstone jewelry is a fun and exciting gift she'll love to wear. Though less versatile than traditional pearls and diamonds, gemstone jewelry makes a statement no one is likely to forget. Complement her youthful complexion with brilliant sapphires in blues, pinks, browns, or yellows. To stay closer to tradition, try out an iridescent opal pendant and matching earrings. Gemstone sets are playful and expressive ways to step up any outfit, especially those for daily wear in class or at the office!

Set Up For Success

Regardless of the occupation your graduate intends to choose, interviews will be a part of the hiring process, and making a good first impression is key. Gift your graduate with fine jewelry to help them take the next step in their professional career. Pearls in particular are wonderful accessories for a woman going into the workforce, as they impart a sophisticated and polished appearance — perfect for interviews, conferences, speaking engagements, and everyday fashion. Pearl stud earrings and short necklaces are elegant, but to break tradition a bit, spring for the more rare golden South Sea pearls or deep blue-green Tahitian pearls.

Something for the Future

In the wise words of Elizabeth Taylor, "Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique." Preparing for the future with jewelry is better than giving cash or a gift card that is spent in one trip, or clothing that will inevitably wear out. When preparing your graduate for their future, make sure it's bright and sparkling with the lasting investment of fine jewelry and watches. Unlike clothes, appliances, or cash, a pearl necklace or diamond studs will never wear out and will be there for them during interviews, engagements, parenthood, and more; you have the ability to give them a gift they might pass down as an heirloom to their children and grandchildren.

Graduation Gifts at Jon's Fine Jewelry

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