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Wearable Keepsakes

Jewelry is more than just functional or a dust-catcher on a shelf — it holds a memory of a time to be cherished. Keepsakes like framed photos or a coffee maker for the rising college freshman may sound like a good idea, but they will never hold a special, lasting place in someone's life the way a piece of fine jewelry will. Something they can hold, touch, wear, and interact with for years to come is worth more than any other gift — even for something as much-needed as caffeine! As simple as a pair of diamond studs or as evocative as a class ring, the special graduate in your life will recall their school days every time they wear your thoughtful and heartfelt gift of fine jewelry.

Most Likely To Be On Time

Watches have been the "it gift" for graduates for decades. Few things are more polished and professional-looking than a lovely timekeeping device. In the age of cell phones, they seem somewhat unnecessary, but looking at a hand-crafted and luxuriously precise watch to check the time instead of an electronic screen imparts an aura of confidence and classiness in a way that cell phones never will. Watches are an investment and a keepsake, perfect for him or for her. For more precise timekeeping, pick a watch with gemstone bearings: the gemstones wear more slowly than metal, keeping the watches pristine for years to come.

Something for the Future

In the wise words of Elizabeth Taylor, "Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique." Preparing for the future with jewelry is better than giving cash or a gift card that is spent in one trip, or clothing that will inevitably wear out. When preparing your graduate for their future, make sure it's bright and sparkling with the lasting investment of fine jewelry and watches. Unlike clothes, appliances, or cash, a pearl necklace or diamond studs will never wear out and will be there for them during interviews, engagements, parenthood, and more; you have the ability to give them a gift they might pass down as an heirloom to their children and grandchildren.

What's Your Name, Again?

Customized jewelry is a lovely gift for almost any occasion, and graduation is no different. Whether it's your graduate's name, graduating year, initials, or a meaningful word or phrase, a customized gift will bring them joy and memories for years to come. Customized jewelry has a second, secret superpower: whether it's the first day of college or the inaugural day of a job or internship, those who wear their names or initials as a necklace are more likely to be remembered, skipping over those awkward moments of "what did you say your name was?" Give them a lasting first impression and some name recognition with a monogram necklace to boost their confidence and make your graduate comfortable no matter where they go!

Graduation Gifts at Jon's Fine Jewelry

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