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More Than A Store

Local jewelry stores offer much more than the sale of fine jewelry. Your jeweler's expertise in the gemological world gives them the experience to perform appraisals and valuations, watch and jewelry repairs, ring resizing, and regular cleaning and polishing. They are also your best place to seek trustworthy advice on purchases and can advise what will best suit your budget and style. The benefits of shopping at your local jewelry store go beyond the variety of services offered; when you shop locally, you positively impact your community and create a space where you and your jeweler can build a relationship built on respect and trust for years to come.

Guaranteed Genuine and Quality Jewelry

With the number of fakes and fine jewelry of questionable quality growing more present, it is important to know where precious gemstones and metals are sourced from to ensure you are not overcharged or deceived. The reputation of a local jewelry store rests on stocking genuine goods and carefully selecting each piece, thereby guaranteeing an exceptional selection of high quality you can trust. Choosing to shop at a local jewelry store gives you peace of mind, knowing that your purchase is genuine, authentic, and quality jewelry.

Jewelry and Watch Repair

Family heirlooms, frequently worn pieces of fine jewelry, pearl necklaces, and watches all require some form of maintenance and cleaning over the years. Professional jewelers at local jewelry stores know that years after the initial purchase, many customers will need their engagement rings resized and their gemstones buffed. Offering cleaning and repair services, such as chain repairs and re-setting services, allows local jewelers the chance to engage with their customers more frequently between purchases. From restringing services for pearl necklaces to watch repair and battery replacement, your local jewelry store is the first and only stop you’ll have to make for any cleaning, resizing, resetting, or repair work your fine jewelry may need.

A Selection Curated Just For You

For years, Jon's Fine Jewelry has been a leading voice in selecting the highest quality fine jewelry in the Merritt Island area and creating a unique selection for our customers. Like an art museum decides which artwork to display, so too is our jewelry hand-picked and artfully curated based on the needs and styles of our customers. Local, independent jewelry retailers carry not only classic styles and seasonal pieces but also a more elaborate and exclusive collection of fine jewelry to suit a wide variety of tastes and styles. From the most fashion-forward pieces to a selection of those with timeless elegance, there's something for everyone at Jon's Fine Jewelry.

The Finest Selection in the Merritt Island Area

Visit our showroom to experience the premier jewelry store in the Merritt Island area. Our attentive and knowledgeable staff and expansive selection make shopping for fine jewelry at Jon's Fine Jewelry a satisfying and enjoyable experience. Whether you're searching for diamond or gemstone jewelry, jewelry repairs, appraisals, or special gifts, you'll find everything you need and more when you shop at Jon's Fine Jewelry.