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Lab Grown Diamonds | Titusville, FL | Jon's Fine Jewelry

Sourcing Lab Grown Diamonds

There's a reason engineered diamonds are called "lab grown," and it's only partly due to marketing. Lab diamonds are started from tiny diamond seeds - actual slivers of diamond that contain the chemical structure laboratories are trying to replicate. The same way that cultured pearls are formed in a controlled environment and made by inoculating mollusks with tissue grafts, diamonds are inoculated inside a highly pressurized and heated chamber. Unlike pearls, which come from and are formed by living organisms, diamonds are not subject to the same genetic variation. Although lab diamonds are not without flaws, the result of years of scientific research is a quality product with replicable results.

A More Sustainable Future

Much of the allure of lab grown diamonds stems from their lower environmental impact than traditional diamond mining. Diamond mining has several adverse impacts; because diamonds were formed deep underground billions of years ago, mines must go deep into the earth, displacing thousand of tons of dirt and releasing carbon into the air. Diamond mining also has a history of human exploitation, as mining is difficult and dangerous labor that the miners are not well compensated for. Purchasing lab diamonds offsets the amount of energy and water wasted and provides a more ethical path forward for diamond consumption.

What's in a Name?

Regardless of whether you use the term lab-grown diamond, engineered diamond, cultured diamond, man-made diamond, or lab-created diamond, these created diamonds are still optically and chemically identical to natural diamonds. The terms synthetic and artificial are misnomers, because lab diamonds are not fake in terms of structure or composition. Man-made stones are just as durable as natural ones and contain the same elements. Created diamonds are equal if not superior to natural stones; growing in a lab gives scientists and gemologists time to perfect their process to exclude flaws and increase clarity. The next time someone says “artificial diamond” you can be confident in knowing there is no such thing.

A Rainbow of Colors

Not only are created diamonds available in brilliant crystal clear, they're also much easier to find in a variety of colors, ranging from a soft powder blue to a millennial pink and even shades of bright yellow. Colored diamonds are much rarer in nature, making them difficult to come by and therefore far more expensive. In the past, sapphires frequently substituted for the elusive and pricey pink and yellow diamonds, but now there's no need to choose between the color you desire and the durability of your jewelry. Lab grown diamonds in yellows, pinks, blues, and even occasionally oranges can light up your jewelry collection like never before.

Lab Grown Diamonds at Jon's Fine Jewelry

The next time you’re in the market for a new piece of diamond jewelry, stop by Jon's Fine Jewelry in the Titusville area and ask about our selection of lab grown diamonds. From rings to earrings, pendants, bracelets, and everything in between, we have an exquisite collection of pieces featuring created diamonds that are sure to please you, your wallet, and the environment.