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Jewelry for Him

Jewelry is an oft-overlooked but important component of a man's wardrobe. A variety of options and styles set the tone for the day: will you be subtle or bold, romantically classic or minimally modern? The men's fine jewelry at Jon's Fine Jewelry goes beyond smart watches to bring you a smart look for your everyday ensemble and the most important of days. Rings, watches, necklaces, bracelets, and even lapel pins, tie clips, and cufflinks are all important accessories to dress up your look, from everyday jewelry to special occasion pieces. When you have so many options to choose from, who says it isn't fun to get dressed?

Studs for Studs

A stud earring is a classic piece of men's jewelry; though not for everyone, the number of men wearing earrings is growing and is now an acceptable accessory in most workplaces. Given that the majority of men still wear their hair short, simple stud earrings are often just the right amount of sophisticated without standing out too much. Gemstone studs can come in any color at a variety of price points: for example, deep burgundy garnets, ocean blue sapphires, or traditional sparkling white diamonds. Yellow or white gold are traditional metal colors and will pair well with any outfit. Choose your size, color, and shape to frame your face and achieve the look you desire.

A Sense of Identity

I.D. tags, otherwise known as dogtags, have roots in the military as a source of identification for soldiers in the field. Now it's commonplace to see I.D. tag jewelry outside of the armed forces on both bracelets and necklaces. Dogtag jewelry is both versatile and affordable; it can be customized with something as short as your initials or inscribed with a longer quote or motto. Since dogtags are typically only metal, they are much less expensive than gemstone jewelry and can be purchased in gold, titanium, platinum, and other precious metals. Once purely a functional adornment, dogtag jewelry is now a great way to add some trendy style to your outfit.

Multi-Media Artwork

Men's jewelry is so much more than metal chains and watch faces with gizmos and gadgets. When you wear a nice watch for extraordinary events, be it a proposal, an important meeting, a luxurious event, or simply a night out with your loved one, your watch is a focal point for your whole outfit. Show off what makes you, you with a piece of fine jewelry that captures the essence of the person inside the suit. Your bracelets and rings are more than a simple accessory; they are pieces of wearable artwork, and you are the museum curator. Curate your personal collection starting with premium pieces from Jon's Fine Jewelry.

Everything for Him at Jon's Fine Jewelry

If you're looking for ways to add to your current fine jewelry and watch collection or just foraying out into the world of men's jewelry, the courteous and professional staff at Jon's Fine Jewelry is here to help. Our wide selection of men's rings, watches, and other fine jewelry is unparalleled in the Rockledge area. Visit us just around the corner for your next statement piece.