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Mother's Day | Rockledge, FL | Jon's Fine Jewelry

For a Sentimental Mom

There's something about being recognized and thanked as a mom that gets the waterworks going. For all the sentimental mothers out there, be prepared with jewelry that means more than meets the eye. A personalized necklace of her favorite flower or song lyrics is a treasure she'll wear every day. A secret message or a specific date engraved on a bracelet is unique to her — think birthdays and anniversaries. Designing a piece of fine jewelry yourself is the perfect way to Mom's heart. This year for Mother's Day, consider a gift that only you could give her: a piece of jewelry that is so uniquely for her that all the gold, diamonds, and gemstones in the world can't compete.

Fit to Her Style

Is your mom super stylish and fashion-forward in her jewelry choices? Mother's Day is the perfect day to be adventurous when picking jewelry for Mom. Choose from a variety of metals, gemstones, and fashion trends fresh off the runway. Find a rose gold bangle bracelet with just the right amount of pizazz and sparkle, or opt for an infinity chain-link bracelet to remind her of how much you love her. Whatever you choose, a fashionista momma will be grateful to wear the latest trends in fine jewelry. Jon's Fine Jewelry has all the coolest new statements in fine and fashion jewelry for your (role) model of a mom.

Mother's Jewelry

Until recently, mother's rings were the piece to have — a slim gold ring with the birthstone of each child inlaid tidily. But why stick with tradition when you have so many more options to choose from? Mother's jewelry of all kinds is the perfect gift for a mom who doesn't wear fancy rings often. Mother's necklaces with custom engraved pendants are ideal for the mom who's always using her hands. A fashion-forward bracelet with her children's birthstones is trendy and cool, just like her. Understated cluster earrings are perfect for those with three kids or more, and while not as obvious as a ring, will make her smile every time she puts them on.

A Momento for the Pet Mom

There are some heated debates over whether owning a pet constitutes being a "mom" or not, but argument aside, it's a great day to say, "Thank you for always cleaning out the litter box." Gifting her with a charm locket with a photo of her fur baby is a sweet option; custom engraving your pet's name on a bracelet or bar necklace is exceptionally adorable. Any way you can incorporate your pet into the surprise will be memorable and make her the happiest pet mama in the world. Why not have a little fun celebrating your family this Mother's Day and make the day complete with some cake and dog treats?

Mother's Day Gifts at Jon's Fine Jewelry

Mother's Day gifts can be lackluster and forgettable — make this year memorable and exciting with the gift of fine jewelry. At Jon's Fine Jewelry, we know what moms love to wear and have in their collection. Our knowledgeable staff and talented jewelers can help you choose something unforgettable for Mom regardless of her style. The best Mother's Day gifts in the Rockledge area are found at Jon's Fine Jewelry.