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The Beginning of Forever

Eternity wedding bands are a magnificent and sparkling addition to an engagement ring or lovely worn on their own. These wedding bands are simple circles encrusted with a halo of diamonds, signifying your never-ending love. When you exchange rings with your partner on your wedding day, say “I do…forever” with an eternity ring so they'll have a daily reminder of your love and commitment to each other. Eternity rings pair well with any diamond engagement ring, as the diamonds from each catch each other's light. Elegant and complementary of any style, eternity rings bring a modest element of sophistication that will raise your level of style. Wear a forever promise with a diamond eternity band.

Less is More

Sometimes a simple wedding band is the perfect amount of elegance and purity you need for a ring. Whether you're a no-frills person, revel in simplicity, or just need something that will go with everything, a pure metal band checks all the boxes. Easy to resize and tough to damage, choose from a variety of metals and shapes to find your classic, metal wedding band. Yellow, white, or rose gold bands are lovely and classic options, while titanium, palladium, and tungsten are all more durable and will be better choices for those who work frequently with their hands to avoid scratches and dents. Select a curved or a flat band in varying thicknesses to achieve the look and feel you want to show off your forever love.

The Perfect Anniversary Gift

Whether it's your fifth or your twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, show your love and dedication with the gift of an anniversary band. Anniversary bands are particularly touching gifts when renewing your vows or celebrating a milestone together. Often encrusted with gemstones in an eternity-style band, select a specific number of stones to represent the years spent together or a band of meaningful stones: five diamonds for a five-year anniversary, or a band of radiant blue sapphires to represent a September wedding or a life spent together by the ocean. An anniversary band is open to your interpretation and desires, so choose something that speaks to your life together and the years yet to come.

Engagement Ring Enhancers

Do you already have the perfect engagement ring that's everything you want on your finger? Perhaps it has a special shape or a non-traditional diamond cut; maybe it's bursting with diamonds on every side. Adding a traditional wedding ring would look odd, or not fit the contours of the ring. Choosing to go with a ring enhancer instead of a circular wedding band allows you the flexibility and freedom to wear your wedding ring every day without taking the focus off your engagement ring. Available in a variety of shapes, metals, and sizes, there's something to match every engagement ring perfectly. Flaunt what you've already got and add a little more sparkle with a ring enhancer wedding band.

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