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The Beginning of Forever

Eternity wedding bands are a magnificent and sparkling addition to an engagement ring or lovely worn on their own. These wedding bands are simple circles encrusted with a halo of diamonds, signifying your never-ending love. When you exchange rings with your partner on your wedding day, say “I do…forever” with an eternity ring so they'll have a daily reminder of your love and commitment to each other. Eternity rings pair well with any diamond engagement ring, as the diamonds from each catch each other's light. Elegant and complementary of any style, eternity rings bring a modest element of sophistication that will raise your level of style. Wear a forever promise with a diamond eternity band.

Custom Wedding Bands

If you chose to design a custom engagement ring or picked a distinctively shaped diamond, you may also want to create a custom wedding band. Custom wedding bands are a smart decision when your engagement ring is an irregular shape that wouldn't pair well with a traditional circular band. Create your own custom band to make the perfect wedding set, or pair your engagement ring with a slightly different metal and ring style to give your rings some character and create a wedding band you can wear independently of your engagement ring. At Jon's Fine Jewelry, we are here to help you design something you'll want to wear forever.

Men's Wedding Bands

Men's wedding bands may seem plain or dull, but at Jon's Fine Jewelry that's never the case! We have a wide selection of men's wedding bands in different metals, cuts, and thicknesses to suit your style, whether it's rugged, practical, or refined. Different lifestyles require different qualities from a wedding ring; you may need something made from extremely durable platinum or tungsten to withstand a physically demanding outdoor job, or you may want something to match your cufflinks at the office and choose a shiny 18-karat gold band. Up the game with mixed metals or find a ring set with an inlay of diamonds, wood, or another contrasting metal. The days of boring men's wedding bands are long gone--don't forget to get yours custom engraved!

The Perfect Anniversary Gift

Whether it's your fifth or your twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, show your love and dedication with the gift of an anniversary band. Anniversary bands are particularly touching gifts when renewing your vows or celebrating a milestone together. Often encrusted with gemstones in an eternity-style band, select a specific number of stones to represent the years spent together or a band of meaningful stones: five diamonds for a five-year anniversary, or a band of radiant blue sapphires to represent a September wedding or a life spent together by the ocean. An anniversary band is open to your interpretation and desires, so choose something that speaks to your life together and the years yet to come.

Shop Exclusive Wedding Bands at Jon's Fine Jewelry

Whether you know exactly what you want in a wedding band or need a little guidance, come to Jon's Fine Jewelry for the best customer service and widest selection of wedding bands and other fine jewelry in the Titusville area. With years of experience and an unparalleled collection, we take pride in giving our customers the experience of a lifetime as they begin their lives together. Shop for wedding bands and more at Jon's Fine Jewelry.